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Our Drone division is called 2C Drones we are now a non-profit Search & Rescue

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With today’s economy people are stealing more, and with home invasions on the rise it’s hard for law enforcement to stop them, they are there after the fact, but with an audible alarm system there is a very good chance the intruders will leave empty handed. With cameras on the exterior of your dwelling you can see possible intruders before they get to your doorstep and then with a press of the panic button on your keypad the siren will sound, and your system will call the monitoring station which in turn will call the appropriate law agency.



Why pick Midwest Security Systems for your security needs? A very good reason is local, keep your money in your local economy, some of the corporate companies might have local installers but the money goes out of town and around here even out of state, buy local. Also we use the highest quality equipment, personalized service, high professionalism from start to finish.